Nelnet Education Loan Servicing: The White Bread of Federal Education Loan Servicers

Nelnet Education Loan Servicing: The White Bread of Federal Education Loan Servicers

If you’re working to settle your federal figuratively speaking, there’s a chance that is decent’ve been assigned to Nelnet pupil loan servicing. Most likely, this $ company that is 380-million-per-year federal loans for over five million individuals. That’s about 1.5percent regarding the U.S. that is entire population Nelnet pupil loan re payments!

If Nelnet can be your education loan servicer, you’re pretty fortunate (contrary to popular belief). You dodged a bullet and avoided a few of the loan servicers using the worst reputations, like FedLoan and Navient.

In terms of education loan servicers, Nelnet appears to be right in the centre: there aren’t a lot of bad complaints about them, but there additionally aren’t a lot of shiningly-positive items to state either. They’re the white bread for the education loan servicing globe, because are its other servicing branches.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t suggest you can coast and trust that Nelnet is a pure, golden fairy godmother with your very best passions in mind. We chatted with genuine individuals who make use of Nelnet too to see just what their experiences are, and what you ought to understand whenever using them. We’d prefer to hear away from you, too: exactly just just just what has your experience been with Nelnet figuratively speaking? Drop us line when you look at the remarks below.

Nelnet Acquisition

Another student loan servicer, in early 2018 as if Nelnet wasn’t already big enough, they’ve grown even larger after purchasing every last share of stock in Great Lakes. To top things down, they also paid $150 million when it comes to brand new business — in money .

Given that those two leaders are merged, they control loan servicing for an overall total of 16.2 million individuals, or just around 5% regarding the U.S. that is entire populace.

Why the merger now?

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